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[Johannesburg, 22 May 2019]: With the STX M12x1 IP67 connector series for railway and vehicle applications from Telegärtner, Jasco’s Webb Industries is offering various solutions for applications in harsh environments. 

An add-on to the previous M12 connector series, the new series contains M12x1 X-coded connectors as plug and socket versions which are suitable for connecting to cables with both solid and stranded conductors, as well as offering 360° shielding. This shielding ensures safe and reliable data transmission.

The range is completed with factory-made cable assemblies for connections between end device and end device or end device and distribution point. The cable assemblies are available in multiple configurations and the packaging and cable printing can be individually customised.

As 8-pole, X-coded compact connectors in Cat.6A, the M12 from Telegärtner can transmit data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s in accordance with IEC 61076-2-109:2014. Even in harsh environments, the high bandwidth is ensured by separating the four pairs with a cross shield (X-coding). Remote powering of end devices is also possible.

Key applications

The expansion of communication infrastructure in rail and vehicle applications is advancing to make the on-board experience as comfortable and entertaining as possible for the passengers. In addition to real-time information about the train schedule, passengers want the flexibility to be able to work and surf on board.

Besides the onboard applications for passengers, even more processes are being automated by the vehicle operators. For example, processes like security systems where the carriages will be monitored by IP cameras or traffic flows will be managed automatically by the individual trains.

Therefore, train manufacturers are obliged to constantly improve their communication network infrastructure in the vehicles so they can offer a working, safe and reliable network.

Basic structure

The basic structure of the new Telegärtner connector with X-coding corresponds to the M12 system used worldwide. This has found its way into many different industries with extreme conditions thanks to its compact design and industrial compatibility.

The extremely robust M12x1 connector in Category 6A can be fitted on site without any special tools. The assembly-friendly connector also features very good shield contacting and covers a wide range of wire diameters (0,9 to 1,6 mm) and cable diameters (5,5 to 9 mm).

X-coded connecting cables

For connecting an IP camera, the passenger information system in carriages or other applications where data rates need to be transmitted, Telegärtner also offers factory-made Category 6A connecting cables. The M12x1 X-coded connecting cables guarantee transmission rates of up to 10 Gbit and are available in different configurations and length variants from stock.

The over-moulded connectors are tested to IP67 against particle and water ingress. The M12x1 X-coded connecting cables have an S/FTP 4x2xAWG24/19 structure and a jacket material specially developed for transport applications, the cables pass the high requirements for fire safety regulations in the transport industry.

The connecting cables are supplied with Telegärtner printing on each cable and in Telegärtner packaging. If required, the packaging and printing can be adjusted to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Other configurations and adapter cables such as X-coded to D-coded or A-coded are available on request.


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[Johannesburg, 1 April 2019]: Jasco’s Webb Industries has introduced Telegärtner’s new, modular rail-mount fibre optic distributor. The all-new STX distributor can be extended according to actual needs. The stackable modules allow quick and easy additions and changes at any time. A vast portfolio of modules with different adaptors offers the flexibility that is needed in today’s industrial networks. In spite of their compact size, the modules offer more than enough space for fibre slack.

Huge Variety of Connecting Hardware

The STX rail-mount distributor offers a vast portfolio of different modules that accept twelve fibres and ST, SC and LC adaptors as well as a high-density LC module with 24 fibres. All modules are available for OM1 to OM4 multimode and OS2 single-mode fibres.

Customers can select from a huge variety of modules for pre-terminated breakout and mini-breakout cables. This includes modules with an integrated hinged splice cassette and pigtails stripped ready-to-splice and modules for pre-terminated fibre optic cables – each of them proving the Telegärtner STX distributor’s superior expertise.

The adaptors are mounted at a 45-degree angle so users can conveniently plug patch cords in and out using a minimum of valuable space. Horizontal cables can enter the modules from four different directions. This gives the installer the opportunity to decide on site about the best cable routing. “This offers users and installers the maximum flexibility”, says Webb’s Stephen Hands.

Space Miracle with Small Dimensions

With dimensions of just 35 x 215 x 155 mm (two-module width), the compact modules make the most of available space, enabling users and installers at the same time to conveniently patch and store any fibre slack. The modules can be mounted on TH35 rails as specified in DIN 60715 and on flat surfaces/walls.

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 [Johannesburg, 13 February 2019]: Leading telecommunications solutions provider Webb Industries, part of the Jasco group, reports a growing demand for its upgraded Glass-Mount mobile antennas. This is according to Webb chief engineer, Terry Reuss, who says that sales have been excellent since the latest version was brought to market.

The Glass-Mount antenna was first produced by Webb more than 15 years ago when it was very popular for cell phone car kits as it could be attached to the windscreen, obviating the need to drill holes in the vehicle.

“By extending the offering to the public mobile radio (PMR) market, there is newfound demand for the Glass Mount antenna, which is proving particularly popular in the mining environment where it is being fitted to a wide range of mining vehicles,” Reuss says.

From a technical perspective, the Glass-Mounts are VHF, half-wave, end-fed antennas with the radio signal transmitted through the glass to the antenna.  The whip is easily adjustable to the vertical position and is removable when required.

Reuss says because of the resurgent demand for the Glass-Mount, Webb is now looking at extending the Glass-Mount range to include other frequencies as well.

Technical Information for Webb Glass-Mount Antennas

Bandwidth: 10 MHz

Radiation Pattern: Omni-directional

Rated Power: 30 W

Material: Whip: stainless steel; Mount: stainless steel, ABS plastic

Mounting: double-sided tape to glass of a maximum of 6mm thick

Dimensions: Whip is approximately 350 mm long



Webb Industries contact:
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[Johannesburg, 22 January 2019]: The exponential growth in data and telecoms services has created significant space pressure in data centres and telecommunication rooms of telecom companies. Space is expensive and ever-increasing costs call for optimum usage with high density solutions.

The crucial factor is that improved efficiencies must be effected without reducing quality –connections must still be robust, reliable, easy to handle and, as there is constant change in IT technologies, the cabling has to be highly flexible to cater for these changes.

These challenges are more than met with Telegärtner’s new patch panel system HD³ (high density, high durability, high dynamic) from Jasco’s Webb Industries.

With fibre optic, twisted pair and coax modules for the cabling installation on site, as well as for the connection of pre-terminated cables that can be combined individually and which can be installed and changed within just a few seconds, the new HD3 patch panel is the ideal solution for users who need a high density, high quality, easy to use, efficient, flexible and future-proof solution.

The HD³ patch panel has a wide range of features and benefits including:

  • ½ HU, 1 HU and 3 HU modular 19“ panels, which can be installed in recessed position
  • Multi-purpose rail for easy cable routing, strain relief and installation of mounting brackets
  • Installation of modules possible from the front and from behind due to innovative locking mechanism
  • Modules in standard non-recessed position can be exchanged quickly without the need for special tools
  • Mixing of fibre optic, twisted pair and coaxial modules in the same panel for maximum efficiency
  • Huge variety of different fibre optic modules for breakout/mini-breakout/pre-terminated cables, with integrated splice cassette or fanout modules with MPO/MTP® connection;
  • Up to 144 fibres with LC connectors per HU with MPO/MTP® modules
  • Up to 144 fibres with LC connectors per HU with breakout and mini-breakout cables
  • Up to 96 fibres with loose tube cables
  • Up to 48 RJ45 jacks per HU
  • Up to 48 SMA or 24 BNC coax connections per HU
  • Cable management can be installed and removed without any tools
  • Customer-specific modules available on request


Summary of Patch Panel Modules

HD³ FO Modules with Adaptors

For breakout and mini-breakout cables as well as for pre-terminated cables (TICNET). Slots in 1 HU panels also accept two modules of half height stacked upon each other.

HD³ FO Modules with Splice Cassettes

For loose tube cables. Integrated splice cassette with splice holder for crimp and micro heat shrink splice protectors; modules come pre-loaded with pigtails. Slots in 1 HU panels also accept two modules of half height stacked upon each other.

HD³ FO FanOut Modules

With MPO/MTP® adaptors at the back.

Modules come with installed Fan Out kit MPO/MTP®-LC.

Slots in 1 HU panels also accept two modules of half height stacked upon each other.

HD³ Modules for RJ45 Jacks and Coupler

Accept STX or AMJ-S/AMJ Cat. 8.1 RJ45 jacks for twisted pair cables. STX RJ45 jacks and couplers can be mixed in the same HD³ module as can AMJ-S and AMJ Cat. 8.1 in the appropriate modules. Slots in 1 HU panels also accept two modules of half height stacked upon each other.

HD³ Modules for Coaxial Cables

Modules come with coaxial adaptors already mounted.

Slots in 1 HU panels also accept two modules of half height stacked upon each other.

HD³ Modular Patch Panels

Accept HD³ modules of half or full height.

The modules can be installed from the front and from the back; different kinds of modules can be mixed in the same panel. Slots in 1 HU panels also accept two modules of half height stacked upon each other.


Webb Industries contact:

Stephen Hands

011 719 0115



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With the Telegärtner STX M12 IP67 connector series, Jasco’s Webb Industries offers solutions to the industry’s demand for consistent cabling of industrial communication networks in accordance with IEC 61918 which prescribes M12X1 circular connectors in 4- and 8-pole versions as a plug interface.

The series contains M12X1 D- and X-coded connectors which are suitable for connecting to both solid conductors and stranded wire cables.

Another important feature of the Telegärtner STX M12 IP67 connector series is its printed circuit board bulkhead sockets with housings for front or back mounting and the series is rounded off by its pre-assembled connecting cables for connection to terminating equipment or that equipment to control cabinet.


The STX M12x1 connector series can be used for applications such as security and video surveillance (CCTV), passenger information systems (PIS), production systems or production monitoring with high-resolution cameras. Users can, for example connect X-ray machines for baggage inspection at airports encapsulated and safe from manipulation with the M12 circular connector.

The M12 is also a real trump card in railway vehicles: It helps to distribute the increasing data volume reliably while transmitting the data to all connected systems and devices in the train to, inter alia, cameras or switches.


As 4-pole D-coded compact connectors in Cat.5e, the Telegärtner M12 can transmit data rates up to 100 Mbit/s in the PROFINET environment. X-coded in Cat.6A, the 8-pole version can transmit data rates up to 10 Gbit/s according to CDV IEC 61076-2-109. The high bandwidth is ensured by separating the four pairs transmission with a cross shield (X-coding). Additionally, a power supply to connected terminating equipment is possible.

An important part of the STX M12x1 connector series are the bulkhead sockets in Cat.6A. They are available with housings for front or back mounting as well as versions without housings with a fourfold shield connection to the printed circuit board and feature versatile mounting possibilities.

A standout feature of the M12 is that, thanks to an intelligent wire management and simple screw connection system, the individual components of the STX M12x1 cable plug can be assembled quickly and easily on site completely without the use of special tools.


The Telegärtner M12 circular connector series is designed for transmitting maximum data rates in a wide range of industrial applications. It is supported in South Africa by leading telecommunications solutions provider Webb, Telegärtner’s long-time distributors in this country.

For more information please contact Cor Berdenhann on 084 034 7777


Jasco’s Webb Industries has developed a reputation for innovative telecommunication solutions across a wide variety of applications and their Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors (TOC) range of cable connectors from Telegartner are an excellent example of this.

The TOC range is used in many applications including data- and telecommunications in mobile radio, process-, utility- and traffic automation and a host of security applications. Demonstrating its flexibility, the TOC series can also be installed even in harsh conditions within a temperature range from -40° C to 85° C* due to its excellent material properties.

Easy to Use

To lock and seal the connection, only a few turning movements are necessary and no further procedures are required. This enables fast, error free, easy installation in addition to the TOC’s high transmission reliability, resilience and increased flexibility in the network design

The TOC Series RJ45 – no special tools required

The TOC series RJ45, which comes with the field-assembly RJ45 plug MFP8 Cat.6A and RJ45 keystone AMJ-S Module Cat.6A, is available as a set. They can be attached to solid and stranded cables with outer diameter 9.5 mm max. on site without the need for special tools. For line extensions, the TOC Coupler IP68 is the best solution.

TOC Series LC Duplex / MPO/MTP® – flexible and easy

The TOC Series with LC Duplex resp. MPO/MTP® is also well-known for its flexibility and ease of installation. Installers can work with pre-terminated cables feed into TOC plug and by means of the elongated release latch the plugs can be mated & unmated into SFP transceivers or adaptors effortlessly even in confined installation environments. In addition, the several installation positions of SFP transceivers are no longer a problem. For line extensions, the TOC Coupler IP68 is the best option and it can be easily integrated with no effects on the performance of the connection.


Webb Industries contact:

Cor Bredenhann

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[Johannesburg, 29 May 2018]: Jasco’s Webb Industries has developed an enviable reputation for innovation in the telecommunications industry and its Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) is an excellent example of this.

The RDS is a typically single-user site solution which does not require concrete or any excavation and has a very low environmental impact. “The main advantage of the RDS is the speed with which it can be installed. It takes only 1-4 days to erect depending on the size,” says Webb Masts and Towers GM Dave Beeming.

He adds that the RDS, designed by Webb’s in-house engineers, can be reused, relocated and erected on almost any site, both urban and rural. “While there are competitive products, ours is unique in terms of its flexibility, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness,” says Beeming.

The applications for the RDS are wide and varied. “They are used wherever speed is the main requirement and users include GSM operators, the South African Police Services and event organisers for concerts, sports tournaments, political rallies and the like.”

He adds that for GSM operators the RDS serves a vital role in giving them time while they wait for a more permanent solution. “A permanent site solution can take months while the bureaucratic administration is completed.  This delay can be very costly for the operators. Webb’s RDS, not requiring the same complex licencing procedure, acts as a vital stopgap in a period that the operator would otherwise not be making any revenue,” he says. “Furthermore, it gives an operator a marketing edge in specific locations because of its ability to be fully operational even while waiting for the permanent solution.”

Some of the more important advantages of Webb’s RDS are:

  • Helps to overcome site acquisition constraints
  • Saves on rigging and installation costs due to short time spent on site
  • Speed and ease of erection (i.e. no need for cranes)
  • Suitable for both urban and rural sites
  • Easy handling, very flexible and can be reused or relocated
  • Above ground foundation, low soil-bearing capacity
  • Compact site footprint, up to a maximum of 6m X 6m

Webb Masts and Towers supplies a wide range of products made to the highest standards. These include Tapered and Parallel Tubular/Angle Lattice Towers, Guyed Lattice Towers, roof-top solutions (penetrating and non-penetrating) and, of course, Rapid Deployment Structures.

“We also specialise in custom design towers and solutions,” concludes Beeming.

Webb Industries contact:

011 719 0000


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