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Sabelo is a PR Executive at MoonDawn Media and is responsible for compiling status reports for client review meetings and for providing feedback to clients after each meeting. He is responsible for ensuring that clients’ needs are met in line with coverage and readership requirements.  (more…)

Tumi studied Public Relations & Communication Science at the University of Johannesburg and feels she was destined for a career in this industry, thanks to her interest in media from an early age. As an industry with far more than meets the eye, Tumi realised that her aptitude for creative problem solving and hands-on approach to clients made her skill set a perfect match for a career in public relations. (more…)

Bridgette holds a qualification in Public Relations from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and has vast experience in the field of public relations, having previously been responsible for large clients, like Afrox, DCD Group and Hatch Goba. (more…)

Bridgette Macheke, MoonDawn Media PR Director has a message for the media in South Africa. 

While I have used MoonDawn Media’s blog space to share advice regarding PR and marketing before, I have never used this platform to express my personal feelings on any subject. (more…)

You might not think you need PR and marketing for your business or you (think you) don’t really have the time for it. MoonDawn Media’s Bridgette Macheke offers 5 reasons why its always a good idea to invest in PR and marketing. (more…)

A successful marketing campaign includes planning, strategising, implementation and measurement. Use these 7 steps to help build your next campaign:

1. Set objectives

This is the what? and the why? of your strategy. Before you start, make sure you set realistic objectives for your campaign. These should include real figures and sensible timescales. Setting objectives is a key step in mapping out your campaign and will also help you to measure its success. (more…)