Category: Plasti-Tech Piping Systems

[Johannesburg, 6 February 2018]: In line with international standards, thermoplastic piping specialist, Plasti-Tech has introduced high-density polyethylene stub ends labelled with a Lynx laser printer using invisible laser-radiation. Plasti-Tech becomes the first supplier to offer HDPE butt ends with this sort of labelling in South Africa, moving away from the conventional white marker approach.  


[Johannesburg, 28 June 2017]: The Hürner CNC ECO 2.0 plastic pipe butt welding machine is available through Plasti-Tech Piping Systems, providers of world-class thermoplastic piping systems to the construction, civil, mining, irrigation, plumbing, gas and water-works industries in southern and sub-Saharan Africa.  (more…)

[Johannesburg, 30 May 2017]: Zululand District Municipality is currently in the process of expanding its Usuthu Water Purification Plant to increase output by 20 mega-litres per day. Plasti-Tech Piping Systems, supplier of world class thermoplastic piping systems and related products to industry in southern and sub-Saharan Africa, has been commissioned to supply the expansion project with a range of piping, custom fittings and flanges.  (more…)