[Johannesburg, 12 February 2018]: Skills and knowledge are the motivating force of the growth of any business. They have become even more so given the increasing pace of technological advancement in the workplace. On the back of that understanding, Monitech, a South African industry leader in mining safety and monitoring solutions, views skill building as a device to improve the efficacy and contribution of its personnel to overall production of its customers.

 To have skilled personnel is every company’s key objective to ensure that any skills gaps that its customers may experience at any time are addressed timeously to avoid unnecessary production losses, explains Jarrod Hassett, CEO of, Monitech. Consequently, Monitech – as a leading mining safety and monitoring solutions provider – has always placed a major priority on developing its skills base.

“All our staff are encouraged to expand their skills set and Monitech supports this by paying for any associated tuition and allocating study leave accordingly to allow for maximum room for success in their exams,” clarifies Jarrod. “Our training /skills development programmes are ongoing. Monitech sees these initiatives as key to further increasing its already unparalleled customer service levels.”

Jarrod reiterates that having the correct skills for the correct positions allows Monitech to continually produce high quality, reliable products and relevant service to its customers. In the installation, service and support areas, which are very crucial arms of the business, it makes Monitech extremely efficient, thereby reducing installation times and time taken to execute critical repairs and replacements. “This drastically reduces time for scheduled maintenance as well as any potential downtime for our clients,” he reasons.

As a leading original equipment manufacturer of electronic monitoring equipment, Monitech puts high priority on technical electronic / electrical and effective management as key areas of focus in terms of its skills development initiativess. “The skills taught are both theoretical and practical. We also concentrate on personal development in terms of empowering people to take ownership of their own responsibilities,” says Jarrod.

To date, the company has achieved some key milestones in terms of its skills development initiatives. In 2016 alone, Monitech upskilled more than 80% of its staff members. They have attended an array of courses, spanning from project management to industry specific courses. “We also have an ongoing internal mentoring programme aimed at imparting the necessary experience. For us, training and development are ongoing. Monitech is a second-generation company and is well aware of the potential loss of vital information due to company growth and business expansion. We address this by first and second-generation management, personally giving product and industry-related training and mentoring,” Jarrod explains.

Monitech is of the view that every business should play a leading role in the development of its people. However, while the company is responsible for the development of its people, the people are also equally responsible for their own growth. “At Monitech, we strive to motivate people to better themselves and provide them with the means to achieve that. Those who take these opportunities and use them to their benefit are rewarded as the company acknowledges these achievements,” highlights Jarrod.

Development of skills is one thing, but retaining them is quite another. This is one area where Monitech has done well over the years. This can be authenticated by the fact that over a 20-year period, Monitech has only had a staff turnover of four staff members, two of which were due to retirement.

“We believe that a pleasant and motivating work environment is paramount. Everyone has a voice and we encourage people to bring their views and ideas to the table. In addition to that, no one is above the job at hand. Even senior management get into the trenches when needed. So far, we have been very successful in this regard. At Monitech we believe that people will embrace responsibility when it is offered. The resultant effect is satisfied customers, happy employees with an opportunity to increase their qualifications and increase their income potential,” he concludes.


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